Updated tables, calculation of personal loans, estimate and simulation

In today’s article we will see the INPDAP 2019 loans . We will try to understand how to get them, we will look at the updated tables, the calculations of the installments of personal loans and we will show you how to make estimates and various simulations . If you want to find out more about INPDAP 2019 loans, read this article carefully so you do not miss anything.

What are INPDAP 2019 loans and how to get them

What are INPDAP 2019 loans and how to get them

It is good to clarify first of all what it is when we talk about INPDAP. In fact, since 2012 this acronym defines the INPS loans Management of Public Employees , which offers public workers, public pensioners and families the opportunity to obtain some types of loans at better rates.

There are two types of INPDAP 2019 loans. The first are those that are paid directly by social security institutions, while the latter are provided by financial companies and banks that have a special agreement with INPS and INPDAP .

The latter are financed through the so-called Credit Fund, a fund fed by public workers and retirees, through their contributions. So the possibility of receiving these loans also depends on the availability of the Credit Fund. These loans can therefore be requested by workers and retirees registered with the INPS Public Employees Management , employees and public pensioners, the members of the Magistrale Assistance Management, and the Poste Italiane Group employees.

It is also good to know that there are several banks and financial institutions affiliated with INPS and INPDAP, which therefore issue this type of loans. First of all there is the Pitagora , founded in Turin and specialized above all in the sale of the fifth. Then there is the IBL Banca , which offers various solutions for employee and retired loans. The Sigla Credit , a very young bank, founded in 2005, but able to help public employees and pensioners manage their savings. And finally, the Findomestic, the best known when it comes to INPDAP loans, as it offers solutions to public employees for about 25 years.

Through this INPDAP service you can choose the type of loan best suited to your needs. In this way, pensioners and employees can better manage the amount to be repaid on the loan. In order to make it easier to choose and make everything clearer, in the next section we will show you different loan simulations that will help you understand better.

Calculation of INPDAP 2019 personal loans: estimate and simulation

We have therefore seen how complicated the INPDAP 2019 loans seem to be. In reality it is not anything too complicated if explained in the right way. To be able to discover a simulation of your loan estimate , all you have to do is go to the INPS website and follow our instructions step by step.

Now we will see three simulations of estimates together, so that you can see the monthly personal installments for the INPDAP loan that you want to stipulate.

The first example we see is that related to a loan to public employees. The simulation service is obviously based on some data in order to calculate precisely your loan and the monthly payment to be repaid. These data are relative to the maximum and minimum amount of the loan that you can apply, to the net salary, and to your date of birth. Once you have entered this information, a simulated quote is shown. In addition to this data, you can also enter a hypothetical monthly date, which may be more convenient. In this way you will be able to view the various financial proposals according to your needs.

In case you want to define an amount, you can do so by entering the specific amount that you intend to request. Once this is done, you will be shown the different loan options and credit term. There are basically three types of loans granted by the INPDAP, which are small loans, direct multi-year loans and guaranteed loans.

INPDAP loans: 2019 installment calculation

As we said, there are three types of INPDAP loans. Small loans are usually provided so that you can have a credit solution that prevents or resolves contingencies and urgencies . In this type of loan, repayment is counted from a minimum of one year to a maximum of four. To request this type of loan no expense documentation is requested, and the repayment amounts are counted according to the years of financing , and of course according to the profile of the person requesting the loan.

The minimum loan that may be required is equivalent to a net month of salary or pension of whoever requests it, while the maximum sum that may be required corresponds to a maximum of eight months salary or pension, for people who have no other debts, or assignment of the fifth already active.

The annual rate applied to this loan, ie small INPDAP loans, is easier than market rates. In fact, the annual nominal interest rate is 4.25%, with administration costs of 0.50%. A rate is also applied which is related to administration expenses and to the provision for risks.

This specific loan can be returned in different solutions. The small loan can have a duration of 12, 24, 36, or 48 monthly installments .

Naturally, the small INPDAP loan can not be requested by everyone. In 2019, the employee may apply for the Employees who are registered in the INPS Public Employees Management, the employees who belong to the Credit Fund, the INPS pensioners and enrolled in other institutions that are enrolled in the Credit Fund, and pensioners registered in the INPS Public Employees Management .

With regard to direct multi-year INPDAP loans , there is access to the loan for reasons of family or personal needs, which must however be documented. There are two types of loan repayment terms, which are five or ten years with monthly installments ranging from 60 to 120.

Those who are registered for the unitary management of credit and social services and who have at least four years of service can request this type of loan. Usually this type of loan is granted to those who have an indeterminate contract. If you have a specific contract, you must be employed for at least three years, and you must repay the loan no later than the expiry of your contract.

The long-term guaranteed INPDAP loans therefore remain. This type of loan is disbursed against various risks, such as the death of the member of the Public Employees Management, before the assignment is terminated, or termination of the service without a pension or a reduction in the salary of the assignor. As you can understand, this type of loan is granted only in some special cases.

This type of loan, like the previous one, can be repaid in five or ten years. Unlike before, however, the borrower has to work for at least four years .

No expense documents are required, but it is mandatory to attach a sound medical certification to the application. With regard to interest rates, it is not possible to give an estimate, even an approximate one, as it is a loan based on agreements between banks and financial companies. In any case, according to the indications that are reported by INPS, the gross amount must always be considered on the basis of interest and expenses of the credit institutions, 0.50% for INPS administration expenses, and finally, to the premium for insolvency risk. This corresponds to 1.5% when a five-year loan is requested, and to 3% when the loan requested is ten years.

Inpdap 2019 Loan Tables: updated interest rates

Like every year, the INPDAP interest rate tables are also updated on the basis of the average global rates applied by banks and other financial institutions.

Let’s see together how.

For small INPDAP 2019 loans, which amount to 5,000 euros, the threshold rates are 9.09% for pensioners with a maximum of 59 years. 10.69%, on the other hand, is the rate for pensioners aged between 60 and 69. While for pensioners between 70 and 79 years the rate is 13.29%. The average rates that have been recorded for INPS and INPDAP loans, up to 5 thousand euros, are 12.20% while the usury threshold rate is around 19.25%.

With regard to loans that go beyond the 5,000 euro fee, the threshold rate naturally changes. For pensioners up to 59 years, the rate is 8.71%. For those aged between 60 and 69, the threshold rate is 10.31%. Finally, for pensioners aged 70 to 79, the rate is 12.91%. The average rates for these shares are 10.99%, while the usury over 5 thousand euro loan rate is around 17.73%.

In the case of those requesting the INPDAP loan, the payment of an installment is skipped, as happens with any other loan , who has requested the loan is registered with the Central Credit Register, within the Register of Protestants. This implies that the name of the aforementioned remains in this register for five years, unless you repay the paid installment immediately. In the event that the debtor repays the installment that he has missed within twelve months, the deletion from the register will not take place immediately, but a note will be inserted next to the name. If, however, the debtor does not return the missing installment, the attachment of the assets will be established, as for any other debt.

INPDAP 2019 loans: the seven types

We have therefore seen all that we need to know about the new INPS and INPDAP loans of this 2019. Let’s see what the seven types of loans are and to whom they are dedicated. We try to make a last report of the INPDAP loans in order to clarify everything we have seen so far.

The first is the small loan Management Public Employees . As we have seen, it is designed for employees and public pensioners who are registered for the unitary management of credit and social services, better known as the Credit Fund. As we have already explained this loan is granted with small amounts of money, which are reimbursed through deductions from salaries or pensions.

The second is the small loan management magistrale , which unlike the first, is aimed at workers who are enrolled in masterful management. In this case, therefore, a loan of more than two months’ salary can not be granted. A very small loan, precisely as it is defined.

The third is the small loan management fund Gruppo Poste Italiane . As can be seen from the name, this type of loan is granted exclusively to the employees of Poste Italiane, and to the groups connected to it. This type of INPDAP loan can be returned in different forms: annual, biennial, three-year or four-year .

The fourth loan we see is the multi-year management of public employees . This type of loan is aimed at workers and pensioners who are registered with the Credit Fund. It is a special loan because it is issued only in certain specific situations. In fact, this type of loan deals with personal or family needs, which can however be attested. It is a loan that must be repaid in constant installments, through termination of the fifth or withholding of the salary.

Then there is the multi-year loan management of the Poste Italiane Group . This is a mix of the last two types. Therefore they are granted only to the employees of the Italian Post Office, and to its affiliates and must be returned monthly , by termination of the fifth or withholding of the salary. They can be five-year or ten-year, depending on the needs.

We approach the end with the multi-year loans guaranteed Management of Public Employees . This type of loan is granted to employees enrolled in the INPDAP, and is issued by banks or financial institutions that are accredited to the INPS.

Finally, the last loan that is granted is to retired people . This type of loan is granted to all pensioners, and is equivalent to a loan granted by banks and financial institutions that are accredited to the INPS . However, this loan must be repaid by assignment of the fifth of the pension, which means that the installments must be mandatory monthly.